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I love the whole world and being part of it.

16 February 1991
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ENTPFree-Wheeling Creator7w8

→Lawrenceville School Alumna
→Mount Holyoke College Student
→Anthropology Major, Psychology Minor

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I am the SHAWN SPENCER of Livejournal.

a prairie home companion, academia, ace attorney, anything mint green&edible, bad horror movies, bad puns, baltimore orioles, baltimore ravens, barenaked ladies, bawlmerese, beethoven, being an entp, classical music, criminal minds, daft punk, dark-type pokeymans, deftones, denying i enjoy dnd, doctor who, drinking excessive tea, eeveelutions, ernest hemingway, failing at guitar hero, fighting language abuse, flogging molly, girugämesh, godzilla-sized chimpanzees, grass-type pokeymans, having purple hair, hooray for boobies, justice, linguistics, mental disorders, mint green, ouran host club, overanalyzing everything, overdosing on crime dramas, overusing ne/ti, ovid, pastel-colored cupcakes, phoenix wright, professor layton, psych, psychology, richard siken, silly moral idealism, strangely colored lipsticks, tea parties, teacups, team fortress, teapots, tenacious d, the lonely island, the savage lovecast, the saw movies, the smashing pumpkins, theophilus london, truman capote, virgil