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30 August 2008 @ 11:50 am
ギルガメッシュ / girugämesh
A (near-complete, ever-expanding ) DISCOGRAPHY

(l to r)
→dr. Яyo →g.弐 (Ni) →vo.左迅 (Satoshi) →b. 愁 (Shuu)

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general notes:
---> All files are hosted with MediaFire.

---> All files, excluding singles that consist of only one song, are in the .zip format.

---> All songs are mp3s.

---> Release date data, song titles, and album art are all taken from the official website and *should* be accurate.

---> Please understand that this is not an absolutely complete discography; I *know* I'm missing two demo tapes and who knows what else. If you have something of giru's that isn't already up here and would like to see it up here, please leave a comment, and we'll chat! :)

---> This is a discography post-- meaning there will be no track of their DVD releases or music videos. Comments asking for either will be ignored.
---> Do not link others to this post or my files in a public place (i.e. a forum, Livejournal Community, etc.). Can't stress this one enough. If I catch wind of that happening, this post will be deleted. This post originally started with the sharing of otherwise hard-to-find singles, then grew to include their whole discography before JapanFiles obtained the rights to internat'l distribution of Girugamesh.

---> Find other ways to support the artists if you can! Part of the reason I decided to open this post back up is because I understand that most of us are too damn broke to afford to buy every single giru release-- and lol the boys are so damn lovable you'll probably wind up wanting to buy their overpriced merch and make them a ton of money anyways. 8Db


[ 2004.08.03 ] Jelato

1. jelato

[ 2004.08.24 ] →mikongyaku
1. →mikongyaku

中島美嘉 COVER
1. Glamorous Sky

from the peanut gallery: The boys love pop, and the boys love Nana (they've mentioned that in one of their interviews, I think...). I have no idea if their cover was ever formally published on any CD or something, but it's a good listen and contrast to the original version.

actually important notes: For some reason or another, these singles aren't listed on the official site. Umm...?


[ 2004.08.15 ] 【開戦宣言】~企画型円盤~

1. 開戦宣言 [kaisen sengen]
2. 嘘 [uso]
3. 不純愛(L) [fujin ai(L)]
4. 溺哀(再録ver.) [dekiai (sairoku ver.)]

notes: This is the second release of their first maxi-single. The original is no different other than that it has slightly different cover art (which I put up anyways :P it's on the left) and does not have the fourth song (dekiai).

[ 2004.12.25 ] 【空虚の器】~虚策型円盤~

1. Q.00
2. 爪痕 [tsume ato]
3. 虚-ホロウ- [kyo-hollow-]

notes: Like their previous single, this single was released twice. This is the first release; the second release doesn't include Q.00 and has blue-ish album art as opposed to brown. (I've put up both, though, so pick as you please.)

[ 2005.04.20 ] 【枯咲き歌】~開場型円盤~

1. 枯咲き歌 [kosaki uta] 4:07

notes: The boys were lazy and used this cover art for both singles released on 4/20/05. I can't read Japanese very well, but I think the OHP says that the other single is split with another band, Marusa. I *might* have it and not know (ahaha) but I will upload and change the info once/if I get all the confusion cleared up. (If you know exactly what's the dealio, please contact me!)

[ 2005.06.17 ] 【拒絶された机】~単独型円盤~

1. 拒絶された机 [kyozetsu sareta tsukue]
2. 男魂 [otokodamashii]

[ 2005.09.14 ] 【腐界の闇】-迷叫型円盤-

1. 腐界の闇 [fukai no yami]
2. deceived mad pain

notes: Both of these tracks are available on the 13's Reborn album, but the two versions differ slightly in recording; the single versions are grungier and more intense, while the album's versions are smoother and blend better with other songs. There is otherwise no difference between the two versions.

[ 2005.11.30 ] 【本能開放】-覚醒型円盤-

1. 亡者ノ行進 [mouja no koushin]
2. 沈む過去 [shizumu kako]
3. 開戦宣言(D.B ver.) [kaisen sengen (D.B ver.)]

[ 2005.11.30 ] 【本能開放】-覚醒型円盤-

1. Яeality
2. Dirty Blue Blood
3. 開戦宣言(D.B ver.)

from the peanut gallery: Even though girugamesh has departed quite a bit from their super-indie style, I still highly recommend the songs on this single (Dirty Blue Blood shows off Satoshi's vocals so fucking well, and it's the one time I've heard him play with dissonance really well. *__* Absolutely gorgeous. )

[2006.04.05] 【零-ゼロ-】-無景型円盤-

1. 零-ゼロ- [rei -zero-]

[2006.04.12] 【お前に捧げる醜い声】

1. お前に捧げる醜い声 [omae ni sasageru minikui koe]

notes: This single is totally pointless to upload/search for. The one song featured is also on the Reason of crying mini-album with absolutely no recording/musical difference. I suppose if you really like the song, you could have two copies so it comes on more often on shuffle....but I digress. I'm supposed to be writing important shizz here, not incoherent rambling.

[ 2007.03.14 ] VOLCANO

2. jarring fly (LIVE)
3. 遮断 [shadan] (LIVE)

notes: This was released exclusively as a DVD that features the Volcano PV and live clips of jarring fly and Shadan. All tracks from this album are audio rips of said clips.

[ 2009.06.10 ] 『ALIVE』


notes: It's subtle, but this is a slightly different recording of ALIVE than the one available on the NOW album-- this one is a bit less grungy, feels a bit more dynamic overall, and has slightly less-pronounced drums. (I think the best way to describe it is that the single version sounds more like something out of a recording studio, while the album version's closer to a live performance.)

[2009.08.05] 『BORDER』

2. 睡蓮

notes: Please ignore the '320' in the file title; I don't know why that's there (and I can't be arsed to change it now that it's already uploaded).

[2009.10.07]『crying rain』

1. crying rain
2. S.T.F.U.
3. NITRO-09


[ 2005.05.25 ] 【獄-初犯型円盤-】

1. Having betrayed is why
2. 叶えぬ夢 [kaerenau yume[
3. 【獄窓】 [gokusou]
4. 【獄】 [goku]
5. 枯咲き歌(album ver.) [kosaki uta (album ver.)
6. Comment from the band

notes: This was released twice, first in May, then in June. The official discography lists no difference, but I think the first includes an unlisted comment from the band, while the second doesn't.

[ 2007.07.18 ] 『Reason of crying』

1. Real my place
2. crime-罪- [crime-tsumi-]
3. smash!!
4. Melody
5. フリージア [freesia]
6. お前に捧げる醜い声 [omae ni sasageru minikui koe]

notes: Like the rest of their album releases, there was a CD+DVD release and a CD-only release. This is the CD-only release-- the CD+DVD doesn't have the sixth track.
from the peanut gallery: Reason of crying is a fantastic mini-album and a good 'intro' to girugamesh. If you're only going to download one thing from this post, make it this album.


[ 2006.09.27 ] 【13's reborn】

1. 13
2. Jarring fly
3. 遮断 [shadan]
4. 亡者ノ行進 [mouja no koushin]
5. 曖昧な味覚 [aimai na mikaku]
6. robust conviction
7. 雨と不幸者 [ame to fukousha]
8. 古びた写真 [furubita shashin]
9. Deceived Mad Pain
10. 腐界の闇 [fukai no yami]
11. 終わりと未来 [owari to mirai]

notes: Okay, Margaret is stupid (ohoho) and downloaded the CD + DVD version, which doesn't include Kaisen Sengen. However, because the bastards were WAY TOO PROUD OF THAT SONG, they whored it on, like, a million of their singles, so it's all good! :D

[ 2007.12.26 ] 『Girugamesh』

1. Intro
2. patchwork
3. Vermillion
4. stupid
5. バリケード [barricade]
6. shining
7, 白い足跡 [shiroi ashiato]
10. 「少女A」 [shoujo A]
11. Dance Rock Night
12. ドミノ[domino]
13. 壊れていく世界 [kowareteiku sekai]

notes: Hokay, this is a bit complicated. Again, there were two releases including a CD+DVD release, which (you guessed it!) didn't have all the songs the CD-only release did. I got the CD+DVD version for Christmas (which is why you'll have a "[初回限定盤]" also in the album title), and downloaded the three tracks. HOWEVER, the CD+DVD version featured a fade-in between Shiroi Ashiato and ROCKER'S (something not accomodated in the CD-only version), and I edited the track order too keep that but stay as close to the intended order. (The trackorder listed is what you'll have in your download. If you're weird and want the official order, go to the official site and be all official and shit.)
I will not upload something you can just do yourself.
All of the data for the original [初回限定盤] version is on the tracks I've supplied; absolutely nothing has been edited except their track order. If you want the original order and stuff, open up the OHP, open up iTunes, right-click and 'Get Info' and rearrange each song as needed. (Remember, barricade, Dance Rock Night, and domino are only available on the CD-only version and will sit all on their lonesome if you rearrange according to the +DVD version.) Really, it's not hard at all.

from the peanut gallery: I like to call this Shuu's birthday present to the world, because Shuu is a fruity little sweetheart who would totally give other people presents on his birthday, December 26th.

[ 2008.11.15 ] 『MUSIC』

01. –INTRO-
02. Break Down
05. アングリージュース [angry juice]
06. evolution
07. –INST.-
08. puzzle
09. Asking why
11. イシュタル [ishtar]
12. 縁enishi

notes: There's also a DVD version of this album, but I saw no point to purchasing it as it was released with fewer tracks, and it's easy enough to find their comments and footage on various other sites, such as YouTube, LiveJournals that do regular J-music uploads, and NicoNicoDouga.

[ 2009.12.16 ]『NOW』

01. now (intro)
02. bit crash
05. I think I can fly
07. nobody
08. 睡蓮
10. GAME
11. driving time
12. arrow

notes: oh god fjiewoajf;oewia I don't know who but SOMEONE DECIDED TO MAKE THIS ONE HELLISH RELEASE. There are three different versions of this album-- do not ask me why, as I do not know fjewijf;oaw -- but I've uploaded the CD-only. One of the CD+DVD releases does not have the tracks GAME and driving time, and instead has GOKU and
獄窓(NOW). Which I have no idea how to find all on their own, honestly. :\
from the peanut gallery: Look up the promotional flyers for this album (the boys posted them all over their blogs!) -- if you have a soul, you will die of cute.

8/30/08 -- discography uploaded to the public

9/24/08 -- clarified ambiguities, fixed errors, added both versions of the 'Music' albums' tracklists and cover art.

12/16/09 -- checked links, cleaned up unnecessarily cheeky comments/HTML, decided to give JapanFiles the proverbial middle finger and uploaded MUSIC, NOW (CD-only ver.), ALIVE, BORDER, and crying rain.
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shinbeshinbe on August 30th, 2008 05:16 pm (UTC)
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Thank you very much for sharing!
Took Jelato and →mikongyaku :3
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Thank you so much! I loved reading your comments XDD
I really wanted Reality (spelled wrong, sh) and kyo-hollow-... and possibly snagging the rest of goku, because giru comments are awesome 8D
Thanks again!! ^^/
jl_toshee on August 31st, 2008 02:36 am (UTC)
the link for reason of crying goes to glamorous sky. could you please fix that.
and thank you very much!
Magga: 愁 // ギルガメッシュ 【VERMILLION】epicrauko on August 31st, 2008 03:30 am (UTC)
Ack. Thanks for letting me know, fixed!
jl_toshee on August 31st, 2008 03:32 am (UTC)
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kaishoku on September 1st, 2008 09:22 am (UTC)
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i take girugamesh album

btw can i request u something
could u please rip only 初回限定盤 at m4a 320kbps? -/\-
i'm interested it much
Magga: 左迅 //ギルガメッシュ 【STUPID TOUR '08 FINAL】epicrauko on September 1st, 2008 06:10 pm (UTC)
No problem! Unfortunately, with back-to-school, SAT prep, and college apps looming down the road, I don't have the time right now to upload. D: Sorry!

But the good news is that the 初回限定盤-only stuff from the legally obtained album should still be in m4a format (I don't know a thing about the kbps ahaha sorry). I'm positive that you could rearrange/copy/edit those songs with the official website's discography and have the perfect equivalent. ^^ Good luck!
kaishoku on September 3rd, 2008 08:06 am (UTC)
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